Post Thumbnail of #GetCovered America Campaign and Twitter Chat 3-11-14 at 1p EST

Did you know that more than 1 in 6 Americans don’t have health insurance?
And that more than half of the uninsured could find insurance for less than $100 per month (under $50 for people under 35)? ( 1 in 5 African Americans are uninsured. 1 in 4 Hispanics are uninsured.)
Most are …

Post Thumbnail of Goodwill Donate Stuff. Create Jobs.
 Hot Topics 28 October 2013

Little known fact about me: I thrift. I am not opposed to shopping second-hand, especially when you can find good items. One of the places I like shopping at is Goodwill. In fact, my leather couch set came from Goodwill and I have snagged a couple of clothing items there …

Post Thumbnail of Happy and Healthy Mom is Rebranding
 Featured,From The Editor 27 April 2012

Please bear with us while we undergo a rebranding process. Happy and Healthy Mom will soon be converting to a lifestyle blogazine, not just pregnant and new moms. We will also be disbanding the product review team.
Stay tuned for announcements as we wil be seeking writers and contributors!

Post Thumbnail of Expectant Father’s Epiphany by Timothy Patrick Murphy
 Featured,Mommy To Be Happiness 14 December 2011

It was a warm Southern California summer evening and my wife Marianne and I were on our way to a concert. We hadn’t driven a mile before she said my cologne was making her nauseous. In jest, I said, ”It’s one of your favorites…you must be pregnant. Well…little did I …

Post Thumbnail of Giveaway: Welch's Grape Juice
 Giveaways 13 May 2011

CLOSED: Congrats to #9 Debra F. who was selected via as the winner! 
To coincide with the product review, Welch’s is giving away a coupon for one of our lucky readers to try their juice for free.
What you win:
Coupon good for either a 46oz, 64oz, or 96 oz bottle of …

Post Thumbnail of Product Review: Welch's
 Product Reviews 13 May 2011

By Heather Lopez
When Welch’s first contacted me, I thought they were going to ask me to review their grape jelly. (It’s actually the only brand of jelly I buy, even when something else is cheaper.) However, they were actually contacting me to review their grape juice.
I actually haven’t drank grape …

Post Thumbnail of Product Review: Baby Einstein
 Product Reviews 13 May 2011

By Heather Lopez
Okay, so you know that at Happy and Healthy Mom we like to focus on the woman behind the baby. Every so often baby products are pitched to me and I usually turn them down. However, when Baby Einstein approached me, I agreed. Why, you might ask? Well, …

Post Thumbnail of Volkswagen Test Drive
 Hot Topics 11 May 2011

So, you might’ve seen my (Heather) other post about me co-hosting the National Mom’s Nite Out event at the Boca Town Center and how it was sponsored in part by Volkswagen. (Very cool sidenote: One of my entourage, yes I had an entourage, won the $250 Simon Mall giftcard that Volkswagen sponsored …

Post Thumbnail of National Mom's Nite Out May 5th- Dancing with the Moms at the Town Center at Boca
 Hot Topics 27 April 2011

May 5th is going to be an awesome day. Not only is it Cinco de Mayo, but it is also National Mom’s Nite Out. This event, or compilation of events, is in its third year. This year they expect about 15 million moms nationwide to participate in either an online …

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